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Projects i’m proud of

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Creating a more safe passenger journey in times of Covid-19 🚥

What if your public transport vehicle suddenly has to comply to a different standard: the ‘1.5-meter-maatschappij’? 

Well, than you apply a lean experiment and iterative approach to redirect your passenger behaviour into more complying experiences.

In this project we combined the insights from: technical feasibility on occupancy algorithm predictors, passenger desirability on experienced busyness and business viability on public transport requirements. All to create a better occupancy indicator in both RET’s & HTM’s platforms.

My activities


towards creating meaningful voice interactions 🎙

Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri, three names of voice assistants that entered our living rooms in the past years. But when are these devices actually a beneficial add-on to your life? And how do you design for this new field of interactions?

These research questions formed the basis of my graduation thesis, in which I, with the use of different studies (literature/case/real life) tried to uncover the basis of a meaningful voice interaction.

I proposed a canvas with which you are able to validate if a certain ‘job-to-be-done’ could be fulfilled with a voice interaction. In contribution I created a card deck on which I visualised examples of situations/contexts and interactions that could benefit from voice control. This toolkit has been validated in VUI workshops for RTL and KPN.

My activities

Redesign Study project

Creating a more intuitive interface for the NS vending machine 🚂

Everyone has an experience with these yellow big boys. But still we are not always able to operate it in an effective and efficient manner and the interface looks a little old fashioned. Therefore, the NS teamed up with the usability course of the TU Delft with the question to re-create the interface.  

With a group of 6, we performed 2 usability test at Delft Station. One to uncover the current flaws and opportunities of the machine, and one to test our proposed redesign prototype: an iPad-pro duck-taped over the original screen. The video shows the final result, presented back to the NS.  

Ps. that’s my voice you hear in the video 😉


My activities

study business trip

Solving design challenges for 5 international companies in Brazil 🇧🇷

In the summer of 2018, I was one of the lucky students that could join Flight Case to Brazil. This business trip is organised with the aim to apply our Delft design approach to challenging cases from companies abroad. 

During this trip, we solved challenging design questions for: ITAU, Klabin, OLX, Mondelez and Tigre. In teams of 4, we pre-investigated and prepared these cases in the Netherlands, to kickstart our days in Brazil. 

Together we were responsible for the planning, selection of design approach, execution and presentation of the end results. 

My activities

design Study project

Zen and the art of design in the shape of a delicate oil lamp 💡

Minimalistic design… one of my (and many with me) guilty pleasures. But it takes a lot more effort to create something so simple and clean. 

Within the course: Zen and the Art of Design, I learned more about these minimalistic principles. For my design assignment, I chose to recreate the ritual and pleasure of making fire, in the shape of an oil lamp. 

Multiple iterations of pencil/digital and 3D sketching has led to the design of an oil-lamp-set, consisting of all the tools you need to let the fire create an cosy setting in your dearest rooms. 

The materials vary from spray painted 3D printed objects, to welded metal and glass. 

My activities


I'm always up for new challenges and love to drink coffee ☕️

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